What The Photographer Must Be Wary Of In Mongolia

If ever a visitor needs to be vary in Mongolia, then it has to the climate most of the time. That the winters are particularly harsh is but an understatement. It is not just the temperatures that are intimidating but the sharp winds that keep blowing across the plains most of the time. Photographers need to be warned of the tiny icicles that float around in the wind and their effect on the camera and equipment most of the time.

Moisture in itself is a bad thing and combining it with the harsh cold is nothing but inviting trouble.  Freeze up of equipment is one of the ever-present dangers of shooting in the outdoors and more importantly the danger of slipping on ice and sleet. Thus the buzz word should be to be watchful at all times and to play safe when feeling unsafe at any time.

Keeping the camera protected

Most photography equipment manufacturers tend to pack in the camera and ancillaries into a compact and protected enclosure. This does present a compact package to carry around in the first place and secondly, the person is assured of complete safety to the equipment at all times.

Particularly vulnerable are the lens that makes up the complete camera.  Just a drop on the floor is bound to create a bad accident that could cost a good package to repair. Mongolia with its hard rocky outcrops is particularly punishing on people that tend to pay insufficient attention to keeping their equipment safe and dry.

Getting to be dry and warm

There would not be a more satisfying experience than to partake in some outdoor photography when in Mongolia.  It would serve well to be warm and dry when attempting to take photographs in the outdoors of the country as the wind and rain are strong parts of the outdoor shoots in the countryside. Not to mention the landscapes in this place Truscapes derives some of their landscaping designs from the fauna and flora seen in this fascinating place.

The individual can keep himself warm and dry by using wind-cheaters and sweaters.  Most cities and towns of the country are full of shops that stock up on good rough woolens that do not cost a packet either. The Mongolian weave does take into consideration the need for extreme insulation and to keep out the bellowing winds too.

Now comes the hard part of keeping the photography equipment dry and warm.  Most modern cameras and particularly the digital ones have battery packs that need to be kept as warm as possible. Otherwise, they could drain out and lose power when the real-time for some power-packed action is called into motion.


Visitors to Mongolia often speak more of the weather than any other aspect of the country. The cold is unforgiving and those that do not take the trouble of keeping the basic cautionary steps are bound to suffer a great deal. Moisture coupled with the extreme cold can render many an equipment unserviceable for the most parts and hence it is only natural that something pro-active is tried out to keep warm and safe.

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