Practical Tips for a Mongolian Photo Tour

Practical Tips for a Mongolian Photo Tour

Every year there are thousands of adventure travelers and photographers who flock to Mongolia to experience something new and different.  While Mongolia does have a big urban city Ulaanbaatar, it is a large country that is sparsely populated with much of the population still living an authentic nomadic lifestyle.  That is part of the attraction of Mongolia, the landscape here can be beautifully harsh from the sands of the Gobi to the snow covered mountain peaks.  It is a country that attracts the photographer and adventure traveler looking to capture something different. If you are planning a trip then here are some practical tips for a Mongolian photo tour.

Photographing the Landscape

Mongolia has an incredibly diverse landscape that can range from deserts to lush fields to snowy mountains. There are lots of places where you can get not only good landscape pictures but many come here to photograph wildlife as well.  You need to dress for the weather.  Mongolia is not a warm country and the temperature can change dramatically when the sun goes down.  It is very hot in the summer months but the rest of the year can be very cold.  Carrying in your backpack shorts for the daytime and a parka for the evenings is practical.

Portrait Photos Mongolia

Traveling through the countryside you can meet some interesting people.  In rural areas Mongolians still live a traditional lifestyle that goes back thousands of years.  Technology that we take for granted is not part of their everyday lives.  You can meet traditional reindeer herders and other nomadic groups but there are a couple of rules and cultural practices that you should respect.  Always ask permission before taking anyone’s photos, that should be a given but be polite.  Elderly people may be superstitious and be unwilling to pose for a photo, respect that.  Bring candies or trinkets for the kids and the elderly it is respectful.  Perhaps most importantly find a guide, no one is going to speak English and they can prevent you from being inadvertently rude.

Landmark Photography

Mongolia has dozens of culturally important landmarks spread all across the country that you’re going to want to grab some pictures of, it is simply a matter of which ones that you make it to.  Some of the more significant ones are the birthplace of Chinggis Khan and the Erdene Zuu Monastery.

Traveling to and around Mongolia can be an incredibly rewarding trip with experiences you won’t have anywhere else in the world.  You can take some amazing photos of a unique and largely isolated cultures, but be practical and follow these tips to have an amazing trip.